Teeth Whitening Canning Vale

Seeking Teeth Whitening Help in Canning Vale

When you choose teeth whitening in Canning Vale look no further than Dentists @ Canning Vale. We provide reliable dentistry services for the whole family with flexible appointment scheduling. We accept a variety of health insurance providers, which means you can get your teeth whitening services in Canning Vale with us at a covered cost.

About Dentists @ Canning Vale

Our practice has supported the area surrounding Canning Vale with teeth whitening and other procedures for over a decade and are pleased to continue providing friendly and reliable services for all ages. 

  • Open Since 2010: With almost 10 years of quality service in Western Australia, you can turn to us with your dental needs. Founded on a practice of prevention, we help clients of all ages learn healthy dental practices to keep their teeth clean throughout their life.
  • Reliable dentists: We have several experienced dentists available that excel at providing quality and comfort simultaneously. Each of our four dentists is familiar with the latest in dentistry technology and procedures to provide you with the beautiful smile of your dreams. Your dentist will personally work with you to design an individual treatment and prevention plan. 
  • Convenient location: Our office is located near the intersection of South Street and Roe Highway. This central location makes us an excellent option for both Canning Vale and surrounding areas. We also have free parking available on-site to make your journey here as painless as possible.

Services Similar to Teeth Whitening

We offer various cosmetic procedures above and beyond teeth whitening to help you look and feel your best. 

  • Crowns: This procedure provides a “cap” for your tooth to replace tooth mass lost due to cracks, cavities, root canals, or other fractures. Crowns are made of various materials such as metal, porcelain, resin, and ceramic. They generally last 5 to 15 years, and we will help you formulate a care routine for your new crown.
  • Bridges: This cosmetic option can replace two or more missing teeth by creating a “bridge” of crowns between existing teeth. Restoring multiple missing teeth can be vital to maintaining a natural smile as well as ease of chewing and prevents other teeth from repositioning themselves. 
  • Veneers: These thin porcelain or resin covers are bonded to the front of your teeth and are a good option for improving both colouration and shape of teeth. Veneers replace damaged enamel and are resistant to discolouration, which helps you avoid future whitening procedures as well. They are a permanent restoration option, and you will need to discuss the pros and cons with our dental staff.

The Dentists @ Canning Vale team are all trained in state-of-the-art techniques for your dental procedure. We provide care for the entire family and will help you find the combination of implants and treatment to keep your smile white and clean. 

We are ready to help you with your teeth whitening in Canning Vale, WA. Contact us today to arrange your dentistry consultation.