Paediatric Dentist Canning Vale

Bring Your Child to Our Paediatric Dentist in Canning Vale 

Finding the right paediatric dentist in Canning Vale is a leading concern among many parents. The staff at Dentists @ Canning Vale are trained to cater to the unique dental needs of children as young as two. We focus on creating a fun and safe environment that helps your child feel at ease. 

Prepare Your Child for a Visit to Dentists @ Canning Vale 

Is your little one nervous about seeing our WA paediatric a dentist? Here are some helpful tips to consider before your visit: 

  • Talk to them: If your child is old enough to discuss dental hygiene, let them ask you questions. Try to give answers that will not scare them and let them know it is okay to ask our WA Canning Vale paediatric dental team questions during their appointment. Help them to write their enquiries down before their visit so that neither of you forgets any essential details. 
  • Bring a toy: Does your child have a favourite stuffed animal or toy that helps them feel brave? Let them bring it to their appointment. The extra comfort this item provides can make all the difference between a child that is scared and a child that remains relaxed. 
  • Attitude is everything: It’s easy for children to sense if their parent is feeling anxiety or apprehension. Remember always to keep a positive attitude when speaking with them about their trip to the dentist while you are at the appointment, smile and remain calm, so your child comprehends that everything is okay. 

The Importance For Kids To See A Dentist in WA 

There are many reasons why scheduling an appointment for your child to see a paediatric dentist in WA is critical. Just a few include: 

  • Removes fear: It is essential to schedule a dentist appointment shortly after their teeth begin to come in. When children become used to seeing a dentist at a young age, they tend to be less scared about going to the dentist as they get older, which causes less stress for you and your child. 
  • Promotes healthy habits: Visiting the dentist is a great way to reinforce the dental hygiene routine that you have at home. Our dentist can provide you with some advice to fine-tune your child’s tooth care techniques and provide you with recommendations regarding toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. 
  • Preventative treatment: Tracking your child’s dental health as they grow is vital to ensure that any problems are diagnosed early, including concerns with tooth alignment, gum disease or impactions. Addressing these issues in childhood potentially avoids hassles when their adult teeth come in. 

About Dentists @ Canning Vale 

The Dentists @ Canning Vale team understands how critical it is to make your child feel relaxed during their time at our office. We focus on making the visit one that they will remember as fun so they will be excited to see us for years to come. 

For more information about our paediatric dental service in WA, send us a message