Wisdom Teeth Removal WA

Wisdom Teeth Removal in WA Using Sedation, General or Local Anaesthetic

There are various reasons people consider wisdom teeth removal in WA. These could range from the wisdom teeth growing at the incorrect angle, mouth size and gum disease. Regardless of the reason for extraction, our experienced team makes use of modern technology and local anaesthetic to make the procedure less painful. 

Little Known Facts About Wisdom Tooth Surgery in WA

People tend to fear the unknown; if you understand the process of wisdom teeth surgery, you will differentiate between pressure and pain and know what to expect each step of the way. Here are some interesting facts you may not have known.

  • Cause and prevent problems: This third set of molars we call wisdom teeth can cause problems by impacting, which results in infections and cysts. Removal can prevent crowding of teeth in the back of the mouth and gum disease caused by decaying teeth.
  • During surgery: The process involves opening gum tissue above the tooth and then removing any bone over it. Next, we remove the tissue connecting the tooth to the bone and finally extract the tooth.
  • After surgery: After surgery, follow the instructions on your care sheet to optimise the recovery period. Be aware that you may experience some common symptoms which are no cause for concern. Limit swelling, stiffness or bruising (caused by bleeding into the tissue) by using ice packs and treat pain with analgesics. You need a few days to recover fully.

Solutions for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in WA

Undergoing impacted wisdom tooth extraction may sound alarming, but our dentists will consult with you, explaining your options, and together you decide on which is the best option for you.

  • Local anaesthesia: The most common local anaesthetic is lidocaine, which has a one to two-hour life in the body. The medical professional will inject the product as close as possible to a nerve to numb it and remove any sensation.
  • Sedation: Sedation is administered either by inhalation of nitrous oxide. Another option is administering sedation orally or intravenously up to an hour before the dental appointment. In severe anxiety cases, treatment may start the previous night.
  • General anaesthesia: You may choose to follow this route if you must have more than one tooth removed. This drug-induced loss of consciousness ensures that the patient will not experience any pain. The anaesthetic is either administered through inhalation or intravenously.

Key Questions to Ask Dentists @ Canning Vale About Wisdom Teeth Removal in WA

Discuss this procedure with your dentist, comprehensively. Enquire about the length of the procedure, how to prepare beforehand, what the risks and alternatives are, and what payment options are available.

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