Dentures Canning Vale

Custom Made Natural Looking Dentures Available in Canning Vale

Dentures from our Canning Vale practice are natural looking and super comfortable.

Can You Customise Your Order for Dentures in WA?

Just because our affordable dentures here in WA don’t break the bank, does not mean you cannot customise them. Certain aspects of dentures require a few decisions to ensure they are tailored to your mouth and lifestyle.

  • Full or partial: Partial dentures are fixed to a metal plate and attach to adjoining teeth where a full denture fits in your mouth over your gums. Regardless of your requirement, measurements and models will be taken of your mouth to ensure the dentures fit correctly to eliminate discomfort.
  • Attaching dentures to natural teeth: Whether the metal plate will clip onto your natural teeth or whether crowns are placed on your teeth to serve as anchors for the dentures, it is imperative to ensure your dentist understands your lifestyle so that they can recommend the best solution for you. For example, a public speaker may have different needs than a data capturer.
  • Denture fit: This is a crucial element which may require adjusting once or twice after you receive them. Do not try to change them yourself, as this could cause irreparable damage. 

Contact us for all your denture repair needs in WA. Remember to always work with your dentures over a towel or basin of water, they may be strong but can chip or break if dropped.

How to Customise Your Order for WA Dentures

Dentures can resolve speech impairments and contribute to healthy self-esteem. To optimise the natural look, consider customising the following:

  • Tooth and gum colour: You may want that bright white smile, yet that is not always the most natural appearance. If you desire a natural effect, where it won’t be evident that you are wearing dentures, select a tooth colour similar to your natural tooth colour. Our team endeavour to match the gum colour to your natural gum colour, unless you have had gum disease and your gums have darkened, then we would consider a lighter shade.
  • Tooth size: When deciding on tooth size, you could opt for similar or same size teeth and even choose to have straight even teeth. Again, we would caution that too straight may seem unnatural and draw unnecessary attention.
  • Tooth spacing: When switching to dentures, keeping a natural look is always advisable. If you had a slightly larger space between specific teeth, we could replicate that in the dentures. When the teeth are too close together, they are difficult to clean and maintain.

Once you have your new dentures, care for them correctly and to ensure their longevity, have them checked annually to enable us to adjust or repair if needed.

Creative Ways to Use Dentures Cleaners in Western Australia

The cleaning tabs you will need for your dentures are useful in a variety of ways. You will wonder how you ever managed without them. You can unblock a drain by popping one or two tablets down the drain and then pouring in water. Get rid of stains and build-up in your coffee maker or brighten your gold and diamond jewellery by placing them in a glass with a denture tab and leaving to soak for five minutes and then rinsing them off.

Don’t settle for second best, call us or visit our friendly practice for guidance, advice and information on dentures. Dentures are an investment in your wellbeing and should contribute positively to your self-esteem and enable you to enjoy the food you love without pain and discomfort.